Xavi Breathwork Sessions

Xavi Breathwork Sessions

The power of #Breathwork is becoming more and more undeniable for many reasons. Specially right after the pandemic, it increased the interest of many people do to the wonderful benefits they feel right from the very first session. It works at so many levels, helping us heal physically, emotionally and bring clarity to our minds again.  

I often like to say that this medicine will always give us exactly what we need at the right time. By quieting the mind, we are able to connect to our true essence, allowing the body to function more efficiently and do exactly what it knows is best in order to heal.

Nowadays I think it is so important to connect with our own breath, and give ourselves the space and time to truly surrender, slow everything down and disconnect from our minds that are so stimulated and attached to these modern times.

The amazing thing about #Breathwork is that it is beneficial for everybody, short term as well as long term, it is the key that helps us work with the subconscious process of the body. It will always regulate our nervous system, help us sleep better at night, balance blood pressure and allow certain chemicals into our brain, like dopamine, norepinephrine and oxytocin.

I believe that Breathwork communities will keep growing all over the world, and scientific research will continue keeping an eye on the gifts the language of breath has to offer.

The above was written by Xavi for Mind, Body, Green magazine

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