4 Benefits of breathing exercises

4 Benefits of breathing exercises

Controlled breathing is a #technique that helps reduce physiological activation, which makes it a great technique for dealing with anxiety.

These are the main #benefits of regularly practicing #controlledbreathing exercises 

It helps to manage anxiety:
This practice is very effective to focus us, make a mental "reset" and return to a state of activation of the nervous system that will make you feel better and be in better condition.
Better oxygenation:
Controlled breathing will help you to #improve the potential of your lungs, and therefore optimize the extraction of oxygen from the air. This allows all parts of the body to function better, especially the brain.
Better postural habits:
Helps to take a better #awareness of one’s own body and become more sensitive to bad postural habits we used to adopt without realizing it.
Helps maintain lung elasticity:
As you get older you tend to lose the ability to expand your lungs a lot, this due to cellular tissues changing. Practicing breathing exercises slows down this natural aging process.
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