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Xavier Olazabal

Xavi Breath

Xavier Olazabal is very pleased to be able to share with you the experience of the transformation that life allowed him to experience through Breathwork.

As he entered adolescence he discovered the language of music and the magic of it by devoting years to the study and practice of it.

However, the search never ends.

Xavi Breath
Xavi Breath

2018 - The Beginning

The clarity of conscience, temperance and the constant questions of why and for what, have led Xavier to experience new forms of spiritual development.

In 2018 he had the opportunity to attend a seminar in Joshua Tree, with Michael Baker, to live the breathwork experience, an event that radically changed his way of life and health.

In 2022 he was certified in Five Sense Collective in order to share and spread the benefit of this ancestral practice.


The evidence of the powerful transformation of Xavier Olazabal is incalculable.

The purpose of our workshops is to use breathing as a way of development, healing and self-knowledge, in a safe, respectful and therapeutic context.

Deep breathing is used as a catalyst for the experience of a state of consciousness.

It facilitates access to states in which our own wisdom connects with the internal healing and transforming power, so that it guides the experiences to those aspects that are ready to be processed.

Xavi Breath