Discover the Benefits of breathwork sessions with Xavi in Puerto Vallarta

Attention all seekers of #relaxation and #healing!

Xavi Breath, an expert in breathwork techniques, is offering a #breathwork session on May July 7th in #PuertoVallarta, Jalisco.

Xavi Breath’s #breathwork session will include breathing #techniques, sounds, and other methods to help people connect with their emotions, relax, and foster #creativity and #healing.

The event will take place at Basilio Badillo 325 3rd Floor at 7:00 PM and will be bilingual.

This event is a unique opportunity to experience the benefits of breathwork and receive a guided session by one of the experts in the field. 

The session cost $250.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this breathwork session with Xavi Breath.

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